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At U.S. News Global Education, we want to make you the best education counselor for international students that you can be. That’s why we’ve developed innovative products and services that can help you assist your international students in finding their best-fit college or university in the United States.

Our offerings include college fairs, top U.S. university information sessions, and college campus tours. Coming soon, we will also offer training programs that will teach you about the visa process that international students must go through, rules of employment that international students on educational visas must follow, and unique scholarship opportunities for international students. This training will allow you to become U.S. News Global Education certified for understanding the U.S. News & World Report rankings.

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Upcoming Events

We offer many events for education counselors to learn more about the top universities in the United States so that they can have the skills and knowledge necessary to assist international students in finding their best-fit schools. Not only do these events equip education counselors with a greater understanding of the schools that they will be working with, but they will also provide education counselors with opportunities to meet and connect with international students whom they might be interested in working with.

Learn more about our upcoming events aimed specifically at education counselors for international students.

Events include educational webinars, live and virtual college fairs, training and certification programs, international high school tours, college campus tours in the United States and more.