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How to Write a Resume

Recommendations specifically for international students To apply for most jobs in the United States, you will need a resume. A resume shows employers why you are a good fit for the position you seek. If you’ve never written one before, See full article
Robot building kit

What Is a Makerspace?

You might have seen the term “makerspace” on a school’s website or heard it mentioned by students. But what exactly is a makerspace? Simply put, a makerspace is place where you can make things. It’s a place for hands-on learning See full article

Will I Be Welcome in the United States? Yes!

Studying in the U.S. has been a dream of countless international students for years. Since the start of the 20th century, the United States has been welcoming overseas students to its colleges and universities. Today, over one million students from See full article

Why Study In the United States?

As an international student researching colleges abroad, you may be asking yourself one of the biggest questions: Why study in the United States? There are many great reasons to study in the US, according to Janet Turner, Center Head and See full article
As an international student, you may be wondering: Why study in the United States? A college expert at EducationUSA shares her advice on what to consider.

Guide to Work Visas After You Graduate

If you want to get a job working in the United States after graduation, you’ll need to apply for a work visa. Your F-1 student visa will expire 60 days after graduation. At the end of that time, you must See full article