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Girl thinking about English language tests

Writing a Paper is Easier Than It Looks

In at least one of your classes, your professor will ask you to write a paper. Writing a research paper is one of the ways that you prove you understand the material. A good research paper answers a question clearly See full article
Anant Agarwal Hong Kong

Education, Like the Air We Breathe

Professor Anant Agarwal wants to educate the world. He knows education can help change the course of a person’s life. The challenge, as he sees it, is that some people don’t have access to high quality education in their home See full article
Larry Hedges Yidan Prize Laureate

Proof that Education is Changing Lives

As a child, the idea of attending university was something that didn’t cross Larry Hedges’ mind. Growing up in rural California in farm country in a relatively poor family, the only exposure he had to university was through his mother, See full article