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(l) Yidan Prize for Education Research 2018 Laureate: Larry Hedges (r) Yidan Prize for Education Development 2018 Laureate: Anant Agarwal

Meet the 2018 Yidan Prize Laureates

Education has the power to change lives. Nobody knows that better than Dr. Charles Chen Yidan, a core founder of Chinese Internet mega-company Tencent. As a child, Dr. Chen’s future was set on a very different course than the one See full article
There are several steps you should follow if you want to transfer to the school of your dreams.

Advantages of public versus private universities

Choosing which U.S. university to attend can be overwhelming. There are so many choices. Which one is right for you? Many international students focus on the big-name schools like Princeton, Harvard and Columbia.They have name recognition and often show up See full article