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With increasing vaccinations, new internationally friendly policies from the Biden administration and regularly updated travel options, the U.S. stands apart as the most welcoming country for international students headed to university.

Flags from around the world wave in the breeze against a blue sky with scattered clouds

The vaccine distribution program in the U.S. has produced extraordinary results: As of mid-June, more than 60% of the eligible population (individuals 12 years and older) have been fully vaccinated (which translates to more than 52% of the total population). U.S. consular operations are now resuming across the globe and all international students will be able to enter the country on and after August 1 to begin their degree programs this fall.

International Student Eligibility and Entry Requirements – June 2021

The table below provides a comparison of travel restrictions and accessibility for international students between the United States and other popular student destinations.

*Fully vaccinated as of June 14, 2021

**Source: Washington Post

***Find the full list of countries at GOV.UK

****See the full list of restrictions at


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